Under stress

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Author Domination
Tags author:domination maze puzzle rated techno-puzzle
Created 2008-07-21
Last Modified 2008-07-21
by 8 people.
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Description This is maybe my favourite puzzle. Quite short but I couldn't really be bothered to drag it out. I recommend first seeing what the door keys do. Then figure out a path. It'll probably take a few tries and maybe annoy you. I tried to keep it short and easy though. You have to be fast for the most part. I have provided a demo if you are completely stumped. Well, enjoy.

Edit: Took out the one-way platform you have to easily glitch past.

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Woooooooooaaaah blast from the passsst fucking hell forgot all about this game!





come back domination! make moar puzzles!

He's not dead

He signed onto his YouTube account a day ago, if you look at his YouTube page that is.

I wish he could come back and give me some more criticism though. =P

*poke* *poke*

yep its dead.




where'd you go?

mr. domination

did you die?

Dedicated to you.

For the concept.

This is a reminder to join the: The NReality Column Competition [](TNCC). Prizes include your NReality levels to be included in a column in the next version of NReality.


I didnt say it was a bad score. Well... for this maps case it is a bad score but, if all you had to do was fiddle around with the map to figure it out (hint hint puzzle) then its retarded.
i was unaware that 3 (above average) was a bad score.. call me retarded all you want, i dont believe a puzzle should involve figuring out glitches, i suppose its my mistake for not having this consume my life to the point where i can spot glitches left and right.


How do u get the Map Data when making a Map?


Wow docking two points for using a glitch. I must say that is quite retarded.

5/5 This map is awesome lets just leave it at that.

It's a commonly know glitch in many maps. If it bugs you that much I'll change it.


the action is fun, i couldnt figure it out though, until i watched your demo, i dint realize the glitch in the one way... would be 5/5 but since part of the puzzle is useing a glitch, 3/5.. maybe it easy for others to spot that, i for one didnt even check...

Demo. I nearly died on that mine right at the end XD!
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