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Author Domination
Tags action author:domination fun puzzle-ish unrated
Created 2008-07-21
Last Modified 2008-07-21
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Description This one is really hard, well in my opinion. So don't complain about the difficulty. I really like the top right, although it's difficult. There are many ways to outsmart the drone. I'll be honest, I hate the positioning of that rocket. Only when you are on the right of it though. when you are on the left side off the map. It should be fun.

Also, I am aware everything I said just then makes no sense.

Well, enjoy. I'm still working on a demo XD!

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Way too hard

Get rid of that chaser drone.
Might I suggest that you make your map a little easier, it's frustrating at the difficulty it's at right now, not many players will get far enough to enjoy it.
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My level is REALLY pissing me off, I think I'm going to give up.
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