Rotation test.

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Author Domination
Tags author:domination custom-paths nreality objectmod unrated
Created 2008-07-18
Last Modified 2008-07-18
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Description Nreality.

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my best run was also 219 frames and it is also EXACTLY the same as AMLT's and EVIL BOB's..
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I know, it was strange.
When I got the score it was .525, but when I watched the replay it was .475 - however when I watched it again it was .525 again o.o;


You're demo is the exact same as AMLT's. (not just length.)
I think you copied it.


I just played it and thought the same thing haha that's two of us

M_I:Where I got the idea from.


Cool idea. Tied AMLT but he's faster on Nreality. weird.
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So while I want to play it, I can't...

The first thing I thought of when I saw the mines was The castles in the original Mario.... Am I the only one?


Curse you amlt!
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This how It was intended but idc. It's just a test.
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This is pretty fun.
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