Dark Passion Play

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Author Cheespuffs
Tags author:cheespuffs drones fast playable race rated timed
Created 2008-06-03
Last Modified 2008-06-03
by 7 people.
Map Data

Description I put much more time into the tileset than I usually do. It came out much nicer. Before I was just doing a tileset to make it presentable. Now I tried to make the tileset look as cool as possible. I think that worked out great.

The flow is a bit strange in some places. Check the demo if you are having problems.

Sorry about the laser drone. I have no idea how that happened.

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dude.. loose the mines under the ground -__-
my map Innocence i spent 5 or so hours on over several days, and it was rated a 3 by its tenth. my normal races have all gotten 4's, and i spend about an hour on each one. it seemed terrible to me, and like you, i was about to resub lol. i didn't, and it became my most-rated map. just keep working on improvements for the future; you're making the right decision. and if all fails, just know that you personally can do whatever you want. your actions are not dictated by what others think of you; greatness can easily go unrecognized, but it's still greatness.


maybe two if i put in a special effort
but yeah you're right that's why I'm not going to do it.

It just annoys me that random stuff I make in an hour or so can (and usually does) get higher ratings than something like this that takes over 6 hours.
Just listen to the constructive criticism and make a better map next time.
It's not like this map is terrible! A 3 is a good rating.

No I won't bother

its pointless
and I have to re-do because my computer crashes always gets low ratings?


I'm resubbing this eventually. I'm not letting all this work go to waste because of a jump or two.
Especially on that last jump. I also didn't like the pressure mines, and how you used that central corridor twice. Scrapes by with a 3/5.
especially the one to the final launchpad.

meh, didnt like the number of times you had to bounce of a slope unexpectedly. 3
Demo Data

Great race

Yah I usually hate races with zap drones but this one was really good. Great ts 5/5


It works this time
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