Cadence Of Her Last Breath

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Author Cheespuffs
Tags author:cheespuffs nightwish race rated
Created 2008-05-12
by 5 people.
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Description this one ended up way different than I expected, but I still like it.

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all i did
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i always gets 0wn3d by the first rocket

woot! nightwish!

i love that song, its one of my favorites ^^
anyway very nice level. floow was great and i liked the use of trap doors. 4/5

I liked it....

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but forgot to record :(

Anyway, flow was alright, but the enemies didnt seem to do much



I just sent you the pm


do you...

have an account on the forums? if so pm me, my username is the same as on here, etdeshon.

anyways, as for the level. ill give you a 4. wasnt as flowy as your other maps.

Cheated demo

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I thought it was well done but for some reason I kept having trouble finding the path. Once I figured it out though I had a great run through. Demo on Nreality if you wish to see it.