The Dance

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Author Cheespuffs
Tags author:cheespuffs flowy playable race rated withintemptation
Created 2008-05-08
Last Modified 2008-05-11
by 5 people.
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Description I made another race I like.

I spent a few extra days on it than I was going to originally, and it really improved in that time.

BTW - the drones that go up to the top right are supposed to go there, and if you are hit by one you are too slow.

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Too fast?


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I'm not sure what is very special about the zap drone tho. All it does is make the player go faster at the beginning, and then it doesn't come into play anymore.


The first half of it, up to the point where you're going back to the right, is genius. That is the best use of zap drone I've ever seen in a race map. Just not those other two. From the top right to the end, it seems to lose it's flare, like you just forced an exit. Faved ecause of the beginning though.


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