The Promise

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Author Cheespuffs
Tags author:cheespuffs race rated withintemptation
Created 2008-05-04
Last Modified 2008-05-11
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description I liked how the flow turned out in this race.

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pretty fun, worthy of a 4
Demo Data

I gave you

.. a 4.5/5 I had fun figuring it out, and was impressed with the flow and path.


photoshop was open, and so were alot of other applications, now it has no lag.


you are on the right path. You're just slightly too slow.


Here's the demo

I meant to post this. Sorry

And thanks for your comments :D
Demo Data

It's alright

You need to do a little work on the thwumps on the right because they are tough to get by. The flow is good but it's rather messy and I don't like all the one-ways in the middle.

There isnt any lag!

maybe its just ur computer.

too much lag

but still a cool map
can you post the real one. I would like to see this. Map is quite good.4.5
Demo Data

well done

fun to play but still quite a challenge, it looks cool too, which can be pretty uncommon in quite a few races. I like how this one turned out a lot 4.5/5