Hide and Seek with the Furnace Masters

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Author inspirationalist
Tags action author:inspirationalist be bitesized featured inspired nreality playable puzzle rated
Created 2008-03-26
by 29 people.
Map Data

Description Just one change,
Can affect the outcome.
It swirls down below,
In the fiery depths of Inferno.

This map was featured on 2012-12-04

Since the introduction of NReality, many authors on NUMA have used its possibilities to create wonderful works of art. A few months after its release, inspirationalist [] used it to craft this magnificent map, titled Hide and Seek with the Furnace Masters. Not only does it colorfully depict the inner works of a furnace, its unique use of seekers makes for creative gameplay. Just one bit of advice before you play: "Do not forget your heat suit." — 1211

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this would be great

without the mines beneath the one-ways, which single-handedly bring it down to just good. There's no real reason for them to be there (the map is tricky enough as it is) and they're irritatingly invisible on nreality.


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To have a mechanism where it's okay if the drone sees you unless the door on that column was open when it saw you, though that drone is now moving around in your area. Adds some leniency plus a twist to the stealth genre.

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i love the first comment


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It just makes things easier (or it will once Arachnid fixes the truncated search thing).


image-map tag, please?

Hey man.

This was inspired by your map:

But seeing as this was inspired by one of my maps I guess I inspired myself >_< .

Great image

The map's just a tad annoying though. I mean, the concept is good, but the door placement makes some jumps screw up at critical moments, and I don't really like how there's a mine underneath each platform. Still, good job.


Thanks. I still need to make a laboratory techno style image map kinda like this anyway =D.


One of the best maps I've seen in a while, 5aved
I really appreciate it.

@Evil_Bob, thanks so much. The art was inspired by you remake of Armageddon Poison Gas. ^_^

<3 This

It's really awesome. Image and level.


awesome map and image makes it even more awesome. pretty hard level though


Not so fast, but done. What a great level.
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Same here...

I can't get the image, I have no problems in your other maps but this one has a problem
I can't even find the images under their urls, is anyone getting the images?
Anyhow cool concept.
It's the concept I don't like because it forces me to think, to plan my route carefully and that throughout the map.

excellent concept

havnt seen one like this before. and similar ones ive seen a long long time ago. like a concept i tried to do a while back and failed at miserably :P. love it. sized too i think.

Nice work :)

any screenshot? I have problem loading the image @_@

Great concept !

love it ^^


Nice run

That was an _intense_ close call at the end.
Nice. And deceptively hard. I love how you can force the player to have to focus on the two drones so much. Alas, I was incapable of getting an AGD, but I did put a completion demo on Nreality.

AGD -1

There's always one piece with non-conformists tendancies...
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Cool Map

Reminds me of post renaissance numa. :)