Rattle Snake Sandwich

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Author inspirationalist
Tags action author:inspirationalist cavern playable unrated
Created 2008-02-23
Map Data

Description You have all known us,
Somewhere, in the dream,
Images in your head.
Gone, forever lost in this godforsaken cavern.
Use a light-coloured ninja.


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i figured it out;.

thanks for the help.


What you could do is load the background as a level into one nreality window and set the gridlines on, then start making a new level in a new window, using the gridlines as reference points.


can you put the background in the userdata before you make the level? so you have something to base the level on. I ask cuz i want to make a level with this:
When you load this map in Nreality, it will appear as a normal map, when you click play, it will appear the same, you just have to move a bit and the background will trigger into affect.


What do you mean?
can you see the background before you make the tiles?