Yours Truly

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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon dedicated flowy fun medium-hard my-best race rated
Created 2008-03-16
Last Modified 2008-03-17
by 11 people.
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Description man, i love this map!!! it took me about 4 hours to do this and like 10 hours for play testing just because i like it lol!!! anyways, this is my newest and greatest map so far. tell me if you like it.

i dedicate this map to a couple different people.

1.epigone - i told him i would try my hardest to create a challenging but fun race map.

2._destiny^- - for always commenting my maps and telling me what i can do to improve them

3.T3chno - for making great tilesets so i can try to make them into races. lol!

4.b3njamin - for making great race maps for me to play and try to get new ideas for. by the way, you should totally make a new race map!

and last but not least...

5.POSW - for commenting my maps and telling me what i can do to fix or improve them. also because i think he will end up being a great mapmaker, always getting bitesizes and everything!

hope you guys have fun playing this map as much as i did. enjoy!

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Thanks for the ded!

Sorry I never said anything before.

a bit faster

like 50 frames faster than my last.
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WOW i came so close to gettin a laser in the ass at the end! the demo is a little sketchy cuz it was only my second try lol. Loved the flow though i had to watch the demo to see the path. loved the big jumps though!

Demo Data
lol watch the demo
Demo Data

Not bad

but I have a couple of comments:

The smoothness in some places contrasts too much with the abstractish flow in other places. one part might have flawless flow, while just after that, a bit more abstract. try and go for one of the two, not both, it's extremely hard to pull off both in one go.

also it does need mines. mines give you something to avoid, and make your path easier to see.

3.5 for the bare map, and .5 for the effort that you put into it.

My first DED ever.

Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside... :)

I'd 5ave it just for that, but it's also a really fun, flowy, and clever map - reminds me of some of in_dub's stuff.

fbf faster

Demo Data


I gots a ded!


Faster demo

my last one sucked a bit
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This is awesome

i'd give 4.5, but psycosnail accidently went .5 down on his vote, so i'll go .5 up to make up for it :D

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I accidentally rated it a 4. D:

It needs more mines

for more close calls. I see... one... mine.
but it was really fun. Looks really nice, 4.5/5.
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I liked it

I was good, I liked the openness


flow demo.

in case its too hard to find the flow or follow it.
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