Forever Horse

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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon flowy fun medium race unrated
Created 2008-03-14
Last Modified 2008-03-14
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Map Data

Description used T3chno's tileset from here:

was fun making it. have fun playing it. i will post a flow demo because flow may be hard to identify at first.

HINT: hold left at first while starting the map til you get to the "1" tile on the top left corner.

ded to T3chno for the great tileset, its almost as if the tileset flowed with how you placed the ninja. so this is to you!

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do you guys mind?

if you look at the revamped map and rate that one instead... i fixed some minor things... please comment!!!


The end is a little weak, and the gold looks ugly, but ultimately these are little things. 4.5 :)


the gold was to follow the path in beginning because even i wouldnt have found the path right away without it and idk about the enemies...

Great stuff


two things that stopped it being a 5

2. Enemies, mix it up a bit

completion demo...

i kept messing up and this is what i came up with... i did mess up the flow so...

oh and thanks T3chno!
Demo Data

Quite challenging

Didn't think my tileset was this flowy O_O
It's a challenging race....oh wait, that be an oxymoron!

Well done. Faved.