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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon incomplete no-jump race unrated
Created 2008-02-24
Last Modified 2008-02-24
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Description anyone up for a collab? i wanted to make a no jump race but im not very good at it and want to learn from someone who has done it before. up for it? just write me a comment and ill get back to you. also tell me your forums account name so i can get ahold of you there too.

EDIT: just added a little more... help would be wonderful... or even critisizm. ok, ive got someone to collab with me so its closed now... if anyone would like to collab with me otherwise just write back on here.

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i sent you a message POSW. lets hope we can get this map going good!!!
But I'd be happy to help. I'm POSW on the forums, too.

Just for fun

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