Call Me Beautiful

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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon flowy fun race rated top-bottom-top
Created 2008-03-16
Last Modified 2008-03-16
by 8 people.
Map Data

Description a new race from yours truly. i tried to make a race map that went from the top, straight to the bottom, then worked back upwards. hope many of you like it! i do!

the tileset may be a little cheesy too... dont rate down for that, im still learning how to create good tilesets that work with the race. any helpful comments about a tileset with your rating would be great!

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I like this a lot, except for a one thing - the 1 tile in the bottom left corner should have been a 4 tile. That one tile almost throws the race out of whack.

I didn't like

how you had to cling on the wall for a second after the first bounce-block propulsion... and I didn't like all the pointless trapdoors. But it's still fun. 4/5
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I love it

this is your best yet, the flow was very imaginative, and oh so smooth.

The tileset was nice too, and i dont think there is such a thing as a cheesy tileset :/

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a little slow though, i liked this one better than ur last. Fun, flowy, and smooth. 4.5/5
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this has happened like 20 times in a f***ing row!
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@ bovine...

you little cheater... didnt even follow the flow lol! look at my demo in case you didnt know where the flow was...

flow demo.

i forgot to post it... my bad...
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Very Nice

not cheesy at all. It flows ^_^ 5aved
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