Forever Horse(revamped)

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Author etdeshon
Tags author:etdeshon flowy fun medium my-best race rated
Created 2008-03-15
Last Modified 2008-03-17
by 5 people.
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Description well, here is that map again but changed around a little... found minor flaws in the flow so i tried to fix the best i could and i also fixed the gold...

i recommend looking at my flow demo provided before attempting because you may follow the wrong area, because the flow is a little awkward...

for those who rated on my original one please look at this one too... please and thank you!

also, this is a map with some small close calls on the left side and the left is more calm.

Have Fun! shouldnt be too hard

EDIT: made it harder to cheat the end. thanks for showing me stephan_smg. lol!

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Here's an AGD, I messed it up at the end though. fun map.
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but i still missed that damn peice of gold.

*cough* what do you mean cheated? i dont know what ur talkin about...
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cuz i went through the level fine with no mistakes and it still kills me, i think bad timing.
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missed a peice of gold and messed up a few times so ill try for a faster one.
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decent race

but the the gold in the bottom right corner led me to jump in to a closed door at first (see demo) and the i didnt really like the repition. 3.5/5
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also the gold disrupted the flow a little bit, because i kept getting the wrong flow (look at demo for details). The gold there always (for me) lead to the rocket killing me. Also in some other places, the gold led us to believe we had to jump at those places, but after looking at your demo, the flow went to other places.

Other than that, it is a good map.
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Oh wow

Much better, could use a few more touch ups though

Completion demo...

all gold... medium map... not too easy. have fun!
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