Gauss Eclipse

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Author defenderofint
Tags author:defenderofint experimental gauss n-art rated test
Created 2007-12-10
by 10 people.
Map Data

Description Just play it and watch. The effect comes after N's death.

This is so wierd.

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No, really, that it is a spectacular effect.


thats b'dass

oh man

that is so epically cool


I see

a sideways !
Strange, and it looks like N is trippin'.
Also, the body turns into smoke and move right instead of falling.
Cool 4/5
Without knowing the program more intimately, all I can speculate is that it's maybe the hitbox for the ninja that stays there when he dies in debug mode. But that explains neither why all the gausses are shooting somewhere else nor why rockets and other projectiles move through the area without hitting anything.


Isn't that weird?
like this little tear drop shape to the left of the target? ive not actually seen that before i must say.


Only works in debug mode.
There is a small halo that come of the gausses don't seem to shoot past. Not sure why you didn't see it.

It isnt weird

The gausses attack the dead ninja, and since there are so many gausses they dont attack at the same time.