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Author defenderofint
Tags action author:defenderofint discipline easy manifesto odyssey playable rated
Created 2007-11-26
by 6 people.
Map Data

Description There is a new defenderofint now.

I have decided to completely rework my map making strategy. Before I relied on symmetry over gameplay, concept over fun. Being the poor player that I am, I failed to adequately test my levels. No longer will that be the case.

This map is a new beginning for me. It is a manifesto of my map making and my personality.

After reading all of blue_tetris' object manifestos, I find myself a much better mapper. Now armed with that knowledge, I have set out to create a quality level appealing to beginners and masters alike. For you beginners, just take a speed run, and ignore the gold cache. You won't have to deal with the rocket.

For you experts who like a challenge, take that cache. The rocket should be the least of your troubles **hint hint**.


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it seemed really crowded. I was glad there weren't mines at the start, otherwise the level would have seemed almost impossible.

I did like the route that you are supposed to follow, so that was good. Just seemed like there was a lot to pay attention to, instead of being able to focus on your goal and not have to worry if you are going to be hit by a gauss, run into a zap drone, or get zapped by thwump all at the same time.


Thank you Cossack

I think my previous levels (besides the tests and my one sized one) are gonna get deleted. If for some reason someone wants to see them I guess I'll post 'em on the forums or something. We should really have a deleted map archive on numa.

that is

a truly great level. 4.5/5 everything Aarnivalkea said xept that i think it actually looks really good - seems to have that look of a good map made by a professional mapmaker. well done

That's something

I will never learn...


That comment really helps. It's nice to know what people like about my maps. I find it odd that you didn't like the aesthetics, but maybe it's not for everyone. I spent a lot of time making sure the tileset was consistent.

By the way, what I meant by gameplay over concept is that I would often expect the new idea pioneered by the map to make up for the fact that it wasn't that fun. Maybe I should have said "fun over concept". When it comes down to it, a map's gotta be enjoyable.

Nice speech

I haven't played your older maps... but seems like I will be playing your future ones. First of all, the start is great. It adds variety to most starts and the one ways are well placed, making the rocket survive very long every now and then. Simply put: The gameplay was awesome.

You shouldn't concentrate on gameplay over concept, since that map doesn't look very attractive. It's a shame since it is. 4/5 and the honor of belonging to my few favorites.