Al Gore's Skewed Scientific Datum

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Author defenderofint
Tags author:defenderofint controversial playable puzzle thwumps unrated
Created 2007-11-21
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Description It's quite fun to bring up global warming and watch people beat each other up about it. I'm trying to give it a humorous side.

Anyways, this is kind of a different map here. Basically it's a thwump jumper. Jump around the thwumps to get to the exit. The real challenge is the gold.


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without gold

its easy
Demo Data

I Don't Understand

No Global Warming? Where's the source? I'm intrigued.
Map was enjoyable, by the way.



click, go to url, delete comma, hit enter for link


why bother???
because he has several industries buying his bs carbon credits. which, might i add, cost well over $2000. his only reason for this is money and attention. a possible side effect is that he may get in to office one year.

yes, there is no harm in cutting back harm to the environment, but as stated in a comment by me on "author's" map, there is no global warming!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!


thank you for your public repeal of your previous maps misleading description

sorry if that soulds harsh, it's not supposed to


But why bother rebutting Gore's scientific data? Even if he's wrong, there's never any harm in cutting back on our negative impact on the environment.

Comment anyone?

Sorry to sound like a newb..