0-1 Trichosis

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Author defenderofint
Tags author:defenderofint exploration playable story test unrated
Created 2007-11-21
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Description Long long ago, the trichodons roamed this land. Masters of the geometric figure of the triangle, they built a magnificent city in the wilderness of Trichosis. For many years they prospered, making remarkable scientific advances. Always a peaceful civilization, the trichodons attempted to establish good diplomatic relations with their neighbors. Most were friendly, gladly willing to share in exchanges of culture, goods, and technology.

However, there was one neighboring species who did not share this opinion. The hexerins, a small but powerful and aggressive race, had many times threatened to invade Trichosis. Many times the trichodons had offered huge tributes in order to remain at peace. They had no idea what the technology they were giving the hexerins was amounting to.

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Is it actually not that fun
I thought it was really enjoyable... Oh well

nice story but

the map itself is worthless

After many years, the trichodons developed the ability to harness electricity. They were delighted, and began to use it in a wide variety of machines and robots, newly built to make life easier. Unfortunately, the hexerins, being the warlike race they were, had planned a large scale attack on the city of Trichosis. All of their forces were mustered in this attack on a relatively undefended city. Surely they would crush Trichosis, they thought. The city had no defenses. Except for an ancient order of monks known as the N.

Unaware of this order, the hexerins began their assault on an unprepared city. It was much to their surprise when they were met with masters of the martial arts, with physical abilities far beyond that of normal creatures. The hexerins were thoroughly trounced, and returned to their homeland bitter and demoralized. However, they were able to take one small possession of the trichodons: a small reading lamp, used by the scholars of N. From this, they constructed horrible war machines.

After the victory, the trichodons began an immense celebration that seemed to continue for years. The monks of N continually tried to persuade the public to continue their progress and build up their defenses, but the crazed citizens would not listen. Fearing the inevitable attack of the newly electrified hexerins, the monks of N split a trichodon fetus into six parts, and hid them around the city. They also sent a monk, not their strongest, but their youngest, into exile miles away from Trichosis. When he matured he was to return to the city and, if necessary, recover the bits of the fetus hid so long ago. He would then combine the parts and incubate the young trichodon, and attempt to build a new civilization.

Surely enough, the attack of the new electric war machines of the hexerins came, and Trichosis, along with all its residents, was plunged into ruins. Meanwhile the last monk of N was in hiding far away, waiting until the time was ripe to return.

That time is now. You, the last living monk of N, must return to the ruins of Trichosis to recover the six pieces of the female trichodon fetus. Be wary. The hexerins' machines are still around, guarding against any intruder that tries to come in and resurrect the lost trichodon civilization from the dead...