this lamb sells condos

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue dig every seashell secret unrated up
Created 2007-11-19
Last Modified 2007-11-19
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Description last for a little while

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Bounce block whaaat?
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I just realized,

I never did credit you when I borrowed part of these tiles:
My bad =/

Also I'm just now recognizing the title is from Final Fantasy. Incredible album, I just downloaded it recently.
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The focus here is entirely different from "Teasing to Please".
The focus here is entirely different from "Teasing to Please".
A brilliant map, fo sure. -and atob is right, nobody can claim ownership of vaguely circular tiles with gold inside. :)

&@maximumride- i don't rip maps off anybody, and please don't ever suggest that again. =__=

Very nice.

I would've 4'd it, I think. Love the tiles.


is the 'original'.

Ya'll can mull it.


fair enough.

Crosshair-like tiles with gold inside hark back to metanet, and they've been done many times since. It's probably why I don't remember cahu's, these kind of structures are a little obvious.

Regardless, I really like how this looks and plays.
Maybe he ripped it off from you. Maybe I'm just a loser. The world may never know.


nice route, analu. seems so obvious now ;p


Those circles of 8 remind me of Mario 64 :)
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so I was. Shows how good my memory is, huh?

I built this by manipulating parts from my previous map, not by direct inspiration. I wonder if it was latent memory that shaped it.

Who knows?


You're the one who bitesized it x)


Teasing to please? I'd not seen that before.

This place is getting crowded.


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Well, um..

I dunno :S
I think I'm too tired.

a g d

a fun er route, methinks.
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gutted ;p


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