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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue bitesized of paint unrated waste
Created 2007-10-25
Last Modified 2007-10-28
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Description I had almost 400 maps on NUMA. A while ago I deleted 200 or so, today I deleted another load.

Reasons are given inside.

You want to play them still? Well they can be found, here:

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ATOB's lucky. i have maps delisted by him...(wish he could relist him... *sigh*

Aw man

death demo
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Demo Data


Just thought I'd get in on the fun.
Demo Data

pwnt x2

Demo Data


Demo Data


Demo Data
Had 200+ maps I hated. The one's I don't mind sharing are either left here on NUMA or in the attached pack.

A lot of the trash that should have just been part of the progression rather than the exhibition ended up on here; working on my current projects has taught me be more strict with what I consider worth it/complete.

Thanks for the size, whoever did that :)




I don't like this one bit. D;<


why didnt you just submit them all
we can have all of ATOB's archived maps in one map


Why did you delete them all? Anyway, thanks for saving them. I truly love your levels.
*Adds to userlevels*