the moon & antarctica

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Author astheoceansblue
Tags author:astheoceansblue everything gravity rides unrated
Created 2007-11-18
Last Modified 2007-11-18
Map Data

Description our love is dead
but without limits
like the surface of the moon


If you're stuck watch my agd.

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Like an airlock.

I think

I like it just how it is. It's simple enough once you learn a knack.

Made a few tests and a bounceblock at the top only clutters things. The only part I'm slightly unsure of now is the final drone chamber.

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there was a bounce block there just before I submited this. I'm not sure if you actually need it.

I'm going to mess with ths a little more at some point.


@cahu: the main tile structures represent gun turrets and the teleporter is a loading mechanism.

love it, would of bitesized it if there was a bounce block in the top middle section

would of done a lot of good to the map, resub?

rockets are fine

the gimicky teleporter nearly ruined it for me, but the rest of the map was quite good, and the tiles were really exceptional.
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I would take out one of the rockets, it shouldn't matter which, though personally I would take out the top rocket, and take the mines out of the lower tunnel.

Well, uhm.

I don't know that any other enemy would work. I think it might just be a necessary irritation given that the rocket is the only feasible enemy for the concept. Nothing about the rocket is terribly detrimental, though.
the rockets are annoying me far too often. I can't seem to find another enemy that gets even close to working.

Perhaps I'm too close to it now.

I lied actually

I really like it ;)
AGD, slow one. I think the "problem" with this is it doesn't have a large mass appeaaaaaallll. But I d'mind.
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nah, actually, I enjoyed a good portion of it.


That beginning is CLASSY.

I like the chutes too. It feels you're taking an adventure every time you dive into one of those holes.
I just wish it were less irritating when you get caught by the rocket. Otherwise lovely, though. Favorited.


did I say this map is bloody annoying?