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Author astheoceansblue
Tags 4 author:astheoceansblue bitesized fun just unrated
Created 2007-11-17
Last Modified 2007-11-18
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Description agd = :)

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Eldrial. Oh, you know who I mean..
Fun little thing.
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Like the old nevermore/atob/dark_destroyer flow types.

I miss them :(

All gold

Second try. This is quite the fun one.
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quite fun to demo

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its desperado-ish

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sexy as all hell

the launchpads are brilliant
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map. :) except that random delete sounds like an excuse to resub. (and thats why ratings are disabled. sry


I shall try again.

It can.

Have you tried PM'ing maestro on the forums?

All gold demo

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It's my thing.

Plus I find ratings pretty worthless.

I've asked for all my maps to be switched to disabled, but no response might = can't be done.


why don't you put ratings on your maps?


I love it.
It has a very 'classic' feel too it. Seriously wonderful.
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I didn't look at your demo, but I think I got a good idea. Also, great map ^_^
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a start

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