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Author astheoceansblue
Tags action author:astheoceansblue bitesized camera lights rated
Created 2007-07-19
Last Modified 2007-07-19
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Description The last map from me for quite some time: I'm working on projects that need all of my ideas. I love this one, very simple but very fun.

Hope you enjoy it; let's see some speedy agds ;)

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super slow AGD

I love this level!
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death demo

I'm so awful at life.
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This map is like cauldron of melted inspiration. It looks insanely tidy and ordered, something I find works in maps. The gameplay is just amazing. Having played through over and over, I must have found maybe 5 different flows which all work perfectly with drones, tiles and the rocket.

This, sir, truly floats my boat.
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Even faster

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another route, slower
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thats what I meant by agd opportunities usaswim


reverse corner kicking is so cool.
found a quicker route though. I almost nailed it!
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Fastest AGD.

Completely different route.
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The corner kick

is not a cheat. If you have the skill to finish the level hat way, then you deserve it. Otherwise the level itself is fun enough - I think - to deserve a full play.

But I made it, so I would say that ;)


I don't care if it's cheatable. Great, great stuff.


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Of course sniping is annoying, but I'd much rather have all these demos/comments and the bitesize over a top rated any day.

I'm going to refrain from visiting NUMA for a while (or at least try my best to ;) ): If I don't I'll be too tempted to keep submitting maps and I 'll never get these projects done.

Thanks for the comments, guys, see you all soon x
I forgot to say, faved. AGD later, I hope.

I gave a 4.5/5

is this the one that got sniped? sorry about that man, but in my experience the maps that get bitesized most often get sniped. Some are already so highly rated by so many people that it doesn't even through a dent in the side of the rating, but in the case of people like me, I end up with like, a 3.5/5 by 19 people or some such thing... down to 4/5, then down to 3.5, w/ no remotely negative comments... but you know, I guess that's just a bitesized map's fate. Personally, I thought you seemed to escape this often; you're toprated a huge percent of time.

My sympathies, of course; this deserves to be at least a 4.5/5 av rating, but that's what the comments suggest it is, so don't sweat it too much, eh? Good luck on whatever your projects are, hope you are back soon enough!
Not that many votes, however.

I totally love your style to death.



If I could make maps like this, I wouldn't have to downlaod half as many from the web :D


Its slower, but I think more stylish.
5aved for the map, and bitesized
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All gold

This map is amazing. I spent quite a long time trying out different routes. I recon at least 50 or more frames could be taken off of my route.
5aved. One of the best maps I've seen this year.
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this is a cool agd

but i dont see where yours gets to be over 100 frames faster?
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I'll leave it

just for you <3


this is fun. please dont put a mine on the corner though coz it has really good agd opportunities for cornerkicking
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Demo Data
but your change to the map makes it not work anymore



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F A S T e r

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had a faster agd but lost it, another coming right up..

Oh damn

You beat me.


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speed demo

AGD coming up
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