Catching Butterflies

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Author Why_Me
Tags author:why_me bitesized dda rated
Created 2007-05-29
Last Modified 2007-05-29
by 17 people.
Map Data

Description CDKRADDA
(Catch Drones Keep Rocket Alive DDA)

This DDA is nearly 1500 (1423, to be exact,) frames of action packed drone catching DDAness! I think that this is by FAR my BEST LEVEL EVER; if any of my levels were to ever be BITSIZED(hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge ;P) in the future, I pick this one! Ive put in hours & hours of labor into this DDA, & when I watch it, I feel good. I didnt want to use launch pads, but I only ended up with 10. I am very sorry for the gold lag, but if you watch it youll see why I had to do it. This DDA has many close calls, most of them are a lot better in FBF.

If your wondering why I said that this is a Catch Drones DDA, its because you start off with six drones, but you end up with none. Just watch the DDA.

I spent so long on this map, so if I could at least get a public rating, Ill be so thankful, & the 1st 5 users who rate & comment on this DDA will get a DED on my next map! The slots are taken, but will you please rate and comment anyway? Or at least just look at my comments and play my level? I'm in dire need of help with ratings, as I want to get more then 10, say 15, but I doubt that that will ever happen on any of my maps...including my future ones...:-( (Please rate!)

P.S. I know the thumbnail looks like crap, but once you play it, youll say Whoa!

P.S.S. The winners of the DED are:


(Please tell me if I got the winners wrong, I just thought that 10tacle voted, because when he posted his comment there was another rating...please correct me if I'm wrong, and 10tacle, please tell me if I was right or wrong before some1 else tries to steal the DED away from you! =P)

IMPORTANT: For the 1st 5 people who voted & rated, will you please check the comments?

RCE, please!


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I feel I can do something cool with it. You'll be credited.
It is so hard to come by. Faved!

nice dda!


this is awesome

i didn't realise what was happening until about halfway through. 5/5aved


work on it, seven_two


The trapdoor propulsion is only used to propel N forward? I think you gotta try more of a variety in your next DDA. That's a good one for an amateur, though it's ungainly and clumsy.

The drones are cool though, I like it, but I'd like more close calls with them.

By the way.. I've never seen a floorguard in a DDA before! Wouldn't it be nice if you made a DDA with floorguards all over? :P

Not bad..

Nothing amazing though. It was slow and it had just about all gold delay. Still, good job.

3.5/5 + 0.5 for effort...


Or 9...O well!

Let's try to get at least 20 ratings people!

...though I doubt that that will EVER happen...on any of my FUTURE maps either...


this is my first map that has ever gotten to 10 ratings!!! My next highest is about 6, I think!

I have

just come up with it myself. I think it's a very neast idea! =P

Thank you for commenting/rating!!!!! You are all awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nice idea. Did you come up with the CDKRADDA, or has this been done before? I'll give you a 5 just because you caught drones with the same doors you used to propel N.

I said I

was sorry about that already! (gold lag)

its good but

i dont like the gold delay at the one point good otherwise tho..4/5


did you already?

Um, v_to_the_fifth?

Would you mind rating this? I don't mean to sound rude; I just like to have ratings; you know how it is.







Now please tell me if you would like individual maps DED to you, or if you don't mind sharing a DED. Please answer soon!!!

Okay, fine

I'll just assume tht 10tacle did vote...
anguspauls, AN3S, 321southpaw, mrgy05, and...10tacle? Did you vote?


very nice!! ;-) 4.5/5 from me!

that was awesome

that was timed really well. 4/5

I no,

I just inveted it myself!

3 more slots open!


I usually don't like dda, but the catching drones thing was interesting

catch the drones

havent seen it b4

Thank you,

You have now filled up 1/5 slots for the DED on my next map, anguspauls



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First Rate