Cliffside Factory

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Author Why_Me
Tags action author:why_me playable unrated
Created 2007-05-28
Last Modified 2007-05-28
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Description This is N's next mission. You have followed a traking device that you picked up from your last mjission, and it has brought you to a cliff with a cave entrance in the side. You don't know how to get up, as the cliff is too steep. You notice that there is a pressure panel on the roof of the tunnel you were just in. You also realize that a camera\rocket has just seen you. When you get inside, you realize that there's a large factory that is building an even larger bomb than before. Your mission is to tear apart boxes to search for your things that you need, and to get to your exit. It is crucial that you complete this mission without injuries, so good luck. I think you'll need it.

If you would like to view your previous mission, click here:

P.S. If you would like a demo for the beginning, just ask.

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made a new one


I'll try


that is reaaaaally good
i love the levels like these that u made, make more missions for me!