When the Post Office Went Bad...

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Author Why_Me
Tags action author:why_me playable rated
Created 2007-05-28
Last Modified 2007-05-28
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description N has a story in this level:

N is hiding in a truck, when a large truck containing very toxic acid tips over in the street, creating a traffic jam on an acid covered street. You jump out of the truck when you notice that the manhole cover has been removed. You grab the keys to open it, then you jump inside. It appears that there is a very large, secret, underground factory that contains huge bombs that will blow the city above into oblivion. The bomb was made by the post office from all of the packages that have recently gone missing...their leader is the infamous, 'Thwump Drone' Your mission is to disarm the bomb, then get back to the street and try to not let anyone see you. Good luck. I hope that your mission can continue.

P.S. Please anti-snipe this up, because robie, or whatever his retarted name is, has already sniped this map, and is trying to dis me, but he is just a f***ing idiot who doesn't know a thing.

P.S.S. Yes, I did mispell retarted, and I meant to. This level is still sniped, so if I could get a few more good ratings, that would be awesome! =)

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for giving this map a five and saying that most of my maps are good. You are awesome! Nobody has said something like that to me before!


that guy was annoying.

Anyway, no idea why, but this map didn't appeal to me as much as i wanted to. I mean, the tile set is amazing, seriously, although it just didn't hit it with me. Normally, your maps are amazing, and i'm giving this a 5, which i've only given out twice, becuase i think you deserve it after being sniped.


I'll resub. it now, just so long as ROBBIE doesn't snipe it, because if he does this time, then he is just a sore, retarted lllloooooosssseeeerrrr

Yeah yeah.

Ok chill man. Just trollin bro. I mean no harm. (anymore, that is)

Don't try

to be a smart a** and act like nothing happened. Really, it doesn't work for you. Just get off of Numa and don't get on again. Ever. Please.


"I'm not gay, so I'd rather not. Just leave us all alone, and we'd be very grateful. Really."

Since you are being cool about it. I'll stop.

Peace out all, it was fun ;)

I'll do a

resub once robbie gets f***ing banned
Longest name and most n00bish name award.

Back to the map: you should add a rocket to the top or somethin because the beginning is boring.


I'm not gay, so I'd rather not. Just leave us all alone, and we'd be very grateful. Really.




I love how you misspelled retarded. It's so freaking ironic.
Though I doubt that that's even possible...

I have a

life, retard, this is just what I do when I'm not at school, outside, going somewhere, or not on my X-BOX B****!

Why don't

you just get a life in something that is actually good in life instead of f***ing your mom!!

Thanks, mechtra,

and robie, why don't you go home and go f*** your mom? I think that EVERYONE would be happier here without you, just go ask!


lots of fun.
I liek the story. :)

You suck, robie

why do you even have an account here, noob? you suck so bad that pains me just to look at your name! Your retarted, and dont EVER snipt my maps, got it!???!!!!!! You a F###ing mess!


FOO i drive trucks ass licka and i anint spill no acid foo!


just plain sitty fo.