Conning an X-Con

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Author Why_Me
Tags author:why_me playable puzzle rated
Created 2007-05-28
by 8 people.
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Description This is a hard mine-jumper type thing that requires good jumping skills. I know that there is already something that looks almost identical to this (except that it's different) in the 1.4 userlevels, so please don't rate me down for that. In thuis level, I want to see some fast AGDs! RCE!

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already said it was used...


pretty good

My bad

Internet died. I hate it.

The reason I made this many was because I liked the first one so much, as did everyone who played it except for the snipers.

anyway, it's a good idea

oh, and I think that you might want to know that all of them have had at one point an average of 4/5 or higher (the ones that have been rated at least once).

Then they got snipedorzzed. =]

So, this idea has been used, in case you didnt know.

Fastest AGD

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so this sorta seems like a ripoff

just wait for me to get the links


is the link to my DDA, please rate and comment on it. And great work with your demos, keep sending them in!


it was fun
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thanks for rating, commenting, and sending in you demo! I've never gotten this many ratings this quickly! While your at it, would you mind looking at my DDA? I think that it's very good, and it only has 2 ratings. Please? I'll post a link in a second here...


Demo Data


AGD, BTW! Very fast!...But maybe not fast enough...

First try.

It's not bad. 3.5
Demo Data
& rating, commenting, and faving! You rock!

2nd try AGD

And considering that it made me feel really good beating it! Hah! 4.5/5 saved
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