The improbability drive

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized dda rated
Created 2005-05-27
Last Modified 2010-06-06
by 820 people.
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Description A just- hold right DDA, for just- holding right on.

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Quite a neat DDA

I liked the tower loop intro. 5


speedrun, NReality too.
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400th comment!

look how popular it is. featuring a map gives it a chance to be noticed further... there's no point here, like with that art dragon.

Crazy DDA

crazy no. of votes


over 800 ratings lol... probably not the best dda ive ever seen.

yet hell innitiative for its time.
I've seen better (666)
this is still in the top 10 tho

Hey Chume!

Thanks for the great advice for my maps! It was really helpful.


needs to be featured
someone please do the world some good and feature this


Nreality demo <3
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Ppl ppl ppl

For all the PeoPLe that think that this map doesn't work should
maybe look at their controls because maybe you have space-as-jump
and so you won't be able to "play this map right"


If this DDA was created in 2008, I probably would've rated it a 4/5

uh help here?

Can someone help me i don't know how to get the maps! PLZ HELP I WANNA PLAY THIS SOOOO BAD!

ehhhh, it's okay

worth a 4 maybe


this map is sooooooooo bad-ass!

its fast!
and improbably i love that movie 6 outa 5
Well, it's definitely worth a 5.
@poo_poo_head, why would formica multi-account? There's no point, and if you didn't realise Sendy reviewed this map before you did.


777 ratings.


NICE!!! (Improbability drive LOL madness interactive)

Awesome. 5aved.

How long did this take you??????

Hold left

Lol if you hold left he get's pretty far :S
*watches again*

I like the way that you have used a diverse selection of enemy's in close proximity. It really helps to make the map feel hectic, which is what has made the map so successful. Although its amazing and all, there are a few points in the course that get a little bit boring to watch, but its mostly pretty damn awesome. 4.5/5. Really, really nice.


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I gotta say, this is absolutly amaing! however, there is one problem. watch.
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and you wont die


How can a DDA be tricky?!

it was tricky

but i beat it


good map but u can take short cuts at the end so the last few parts are kinda useless btw i m not rating

I'm Scared...

My keyboard is disfunctional because you can't hold a key down for too long so I was really scared that he was gonna die any second...

220 frames.

Partially fbf'd.
You can't get too much better than that, but you certainly can get a little better.
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yeah its nice played this map and amazing ammount of times without trying a fast completion
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Demo Data

Fastest completion demo.
Demo Data
It was like fun on the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can anyone say no life>|?


Ultra-cool DDA!!! 5,000,000/5aved