8 minutes to spring break...

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Author toby3p0
Tags author:toby3p0 n-art rated
Created 2007-03-09
by 12 people.
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Description and I just finished my best DDA I have ever made, in my opinion. You know, hold 1 and you'll be good.

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Very nice

but the parts with absolutely no action bored me. 4/5

I've seen much better DDA's from you.

Btw, this is not N-Art


Or N art, according to your map. It was very good, plenty of close calls, though I can see many places that need work. Reminds me of Magnotechnology for some reason. 4/5
It had some very entertaining close calls. 4/5

very nice DDA

And your right, it's your best.


FYI, you have this marked as nart.