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Author toby3p0
Tags author:toby3p0 dda rated
Created 2006-12-24
by 15 people.
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Description DO NOT PRESS 1! If you do, it wont work, you'll die in the bottom right corner in the little room-type thing...this map doesn't work every single time though, you can either die in the bottom right corner anyways, in the very bottom middle, or, very rarely, in the upper right corner...I tried to make it be more consistant, but it wouldn't work unless I changed the entire DDA, so I just left it as it is.

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this map is good enough so i point out the flaws not the good things-its easier!
-it isnt consistent-the major flaw
-the top right corner is too repetitive
-i disagree with kkstrong0 and numa_ninja, i think there was quite alot of launchpads
-poor tileset(ok its a DDA so tileset isnt that important but it could still have been better)
All in all, an very good DDA


Third try worked.


4/5. Not much more to say.


for me. Nice! 5/5! Agree w/ kkstrong0.

I tried it 4 times

i died in the bottom middle
fix that & its a 4.5



its long, is has many close calls, it doesn't use mny launchpads, its great