Surya deva

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Author toby3p0
Tags author:toby3p0 dda rated
Created 2007-01-23
by 19 people.
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Description Throughout the dusky firmament advancing, laying to rest the immortal and the mortal,
Borne in his golden chariot he cometh, Savitar, God who looks on every creature.

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a level this good

just has to be played.
Demo Data


How the hell did this get a 4 average?!


I want some of those mushrooms.

Nice work.

Keep it up.


deffinately 5/5, any1 who ever shall say other wise, may you be banished to the nether regions of fried porkskins made from possessed cows and combustibale chickens that if were collided blow up all that exists so they are kept in seperate chicken koops filled with an evil intoxicating mushroom that grants them the power of pork taste and contains a chocolate covvered cherry inside.

mmmmm.... delicious!


one of THE best DDAs i have ever seen....

2413 frames

nice 5/5


then i'll be the second.


i'll be the first to give this hot dda a 5