The Camouflage Managerie

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Author toby3p0
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Created 2007-02-08
Last Modified 2007-02-08
by 18 people.
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Description Tops out at 1405 frames...I couldn't reach my usual goal of 1500 frames because of the lack of space, and there were no ways to launch N without that ruining the DDA...anyways, it has no gold delay (not counting propulsion), and N manages to go through the wall in the upper part of the level, which is pretty sweet.

Special thanks to MasterJmd for the awsome tileset, .

Enjoy, rate, and comment, as always.

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After looking at some of the comments, and back at my DDA, I'm surprised that my DDA made it to the front page. Thanks for the ratings, and more importantly the comments. Keep them coming.
launchpads and gold delay dont necessarily equal bad, its just that too much of it is retarded. just make a dda that uses a little bit of everything. some of the best early dda's use a TON of gold delay, but theyre still awesome to look at.
This isn't bad, but it could be a little better. Definitly longer.
But I know how hard this must have been to make, so I have to give you a 5/5