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Author moshpit2010
Tags action author:moshpit2010 playable unrated
Created 2006-08-14
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Description A Ded to Swanky23 for getting the fastest AGD on my Dedication to Eeyore, \\\"Patchwork Prophecies\\\". I went for a cross between \\\"Royal\\\" and \\\"Crisis\\\" themes, here, and they seem to blend nicely.
And yes, I am aware the name is not centered. Due to the style of using a combination of Half-Lines, Whole Blocks, and my own touch of style to the words - there was no positioning of them which I could manage to make them Centered.

Alas, another contest. Fastest AGD within a week wins a Signature Ded.

Comments, Suggestions, etc.. Welcome and Wanted!


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nice map

i'll try for an AGD in a while. 4.5


much faster
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