Catch Me Ridin'

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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 playable race unrated
Created 2006-07-25
Last Modified 2006-07-31
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Alright heres another one of my races... i found it fun and i hope you guys do too... if anyone asks for a flow demo i will post one... please rate, comment, post demos, and of course enjoyy!

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i like it

4/5 and faved


i didnt mean to triple post like that my bad

nice map

Demo Data

nice map

Demo Data

nice map

Demo Data

Very nice

Demo Data

not bad

but here's a demo which i go through the wall!!

check out my(and PurpleArmadilloNinja's) DDA called Snake- when you get to the "gold on top of the launchpad" launchpad, stay there and watch. You should go through the wall.
Demo Data


Yay! I did it.
Great map 4.5/5
Demo Data

Very nice map

Love a good thwump race.
Demo Data

its ok qwerty

i know how siblings can be quite the pest somedays :D

Sorry Dejablue.

My little brother got onto my computer when i was in the bathroom and thought that he'd be funny and make a wisecrack at xdude_rox's comment. Again i'm sorry for what it seemed like i did.

wtf qwerty

xdude you were talking about me right? unless im sadly mistaken... well thanx man


you arent bad yourself :P

sweet map, you are one of my best authors btw.

4.5/5 and faved

its fun

not sure if i think its worth top rated race...but its very good


i can't beat it. and congrats, your number one top rated race level, right above The crazy miner

Woo hoo

i always like your maps, that was very good

keep on keeping on (=';'=)
Demo Data


hold right after you come out of the first 'loop' that should get you through where you messed up


This is weird...
Demo Data

2 Frames faster

Than asian Gangsta =0
Demo Data

2 frames faster

than Mongy. 4.5/5
kinda like Thwumping run.
Demo Data

loved it

best race i've seen. I haven't seen that many races but still this one's good


4/5 Great useage of thwumps.

great race

i like how you used the thwumps


i guess mongy beat me to it lol

heres just a

flow demo...
Demo Data


is my best demo. Good race. 4/5
Demo Data


demo please