xdude_where's my carx

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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 n-art unrated
Created 2006-07-21
Last Modified 2006-07-21
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description well this started out as a dedication map to xdude_rox... but i couldnt quite figure it out... so i just completed the tileset and thought i'd submit this... this isnt xdude's ded though... i'll make him an actual level as his ded

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i'm with Brttrx & spiker5. but nice tileset anyway. 4/5

none taken

i didnt think this was 5 material either... it sorta surprised me :)


its alright, but not 5 material, no offense

The most overratted

map Ive seen in a while.


honestly cant see whats so great about it, so i wont rate in case im missing something...

Pretty cool!

I like...

4.5/5, cool name too.


along with what everyone else has said


thats .5 better than you.

i like this

awesome job, Dejablue. 4.5
I may use it for my next level- oh check out my modified ded for you.