Blue Deja Vu 2

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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 playable puzzle unrated
Created 2006-07-23
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description And heres the second of the series... i tried hard to make it not cheatable but if anyone finds a way then let me kno... thanx and please rate, comment, post demos, and of course enjoyy!

Give feedback on how many of these you think i should make if you could... thanx

RESUBMITTED: fixed from being cheatable... i hope well thanx to xdude_rox and also Mongy for letting me know

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Because I could (And I had already completed it properly). Best time. 5/5.
Demo Data

demo - 80.000

map - 4.5
Demo Data

sry deathcloud

cheating doesnt count for the competition :/

I definitely win.

Demo Data
but a ton slower
Demo Data

no i didnt

dont worry screwloose... i didnt want to give you a simple challenge as a ded


Thou forgot my ded for Tension in a Bottle.


and A LOT faster

p.s. i used fbf for about 200 frames cuz i'm a horrible N player
Demo Data

sniped twice

stupid jackasses.

i rated it a 5

and didnt comment. I sometimes forget to comment, but anyway i liked it because it was simple


the average rating is a 4.5
what people rate 5 and don't say it?

i liked it

i found out how it's cheatable, but i'm having trouble getting a demo.
3/5. This one tries too hard to be something it isn't.



Not even close to what? My score? Well you'll be even more dissapointed, then. Cause I improved a lot.
Demo Data
and it's not even close.

I didn't like this one as much. Too many chances of blowing up. 3.5/5
Demo Data


This one actually IS faster than my cheated one!!!!
Demo Data

Here ya go

This is actually almost as fast as my cheated run =0
Demo Data