Get Your Screw Loose

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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 playable race unrated
Created 2006-07-25
Last Modified 2006-07-25
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description Here is my first race map in a while... sry for all the people who liked my previous races... i was taking a break to think about some more ideas... well this is a dedication to screwloose for posting the fastest AGD completion on 'Tension in a Bottle' sorry for the wait... hope you like the map

This map isnt intended for all gold... but if you do somehow complete the fastest AGD then i will definitly consider making a ded for you :) Please rate, comment, post demos, and of course enjoyy!

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a classic

Demo Data

holy shit

Demo Data

ok here ur ded


ok asian_gangsta ded will be coming soon

11 frames FASTER!!!

do i get the ded?

kra, but not an AGD: 558:35791394|35791394|237117986|107374182|36071014|237117986|237119078|89474150|22369621|17895697|273|0|0|0|35791392|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|107880994|107374182|107374182|107880994|107880998|89478470|89478485|1109|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|17825826|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|17895697|71614464|89478484|89478485|17895765|89510161|107266049|107374182|107374182|73819750|71582788|35652676|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|35791394|0|35782656|35791394|35791394|139810|0|35651584|2236962|0|17891328|17895697|17895697|17895697|89478493|89478485|17896789|273|0|0|0
Demo Data

Your maps.

Get more attention than mine.

Your maps.

Get more attention than mine.

could you give

me more time?


by 9 frames
do i win the ded?
Demo Data


here's my fastest my faster demo. only took one try. wow.
Demo Data

yeah sure

asian_gangsta... i'll give you time


but i won't be her during the day time tomorrow-sunday, so will you give me extra time dejablue4? i have a big swim meet.


wow...that was a huge improvement you made asain_gangsta but i finally beat you...not by much, ill bet you can top me...
Demo Data

i don't get it

your still submitting your simple challenges, but you said your too busy with something outside of N in the PM you sent me.

i'm gonna wait

a couple more days... i'm a bit busy at the moment to make deds... but if you still have the fastest time after two days i'll make it for you

so, uh...

do i get the ded or what?

faster yet again

i'll stop now unless someone beats me.
Demo Data

faster again

Demo Data

124 frames faster

Demo Data
yea this one is much better, and i forgot to rate your map...5/5 and faved, its so much fun...the ground level always keeps things interesting, nice
Demo Data

AGD for you

that was fun... not sure if this is faster than asian_gangsta just by looking at the data
Demo Data

here's a faster one

could still be easily improved though.
Demo Data


i messed up. i'll post a faster one if someone beats this.
Demo Data

could more people

comment? thanx for the ratings and all but... yeahh :)
thats why its in the ded... if you're looking for fun just complete it...

i'm with flagmyidol

i don't think you should put the gold 1/4 snap apart. and to get AGD, it would interupt the flow. 4/5

first try

this isn't bad, but it lacks flow slightly
Demo Data


its amazing, but hard and sort of confusing