Precision in a Bottle

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Author dejablue4
Tags action author:dejablue4 playable unrated
Created 2006-07-20
Last Modified 2006-07-31
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
Map Data

Description My second mine jumping map... its dedicated to swanky23 for posting the fastest AGD completion on 'The Seperated Serpent'

Hope everyone likes this map... please rate, comment, post demos, and of course enjoyy!

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ok sry

i forgot about this ded AMLT... you win

pretty good

mine jumper, and a small scale one makes it harder so 4.5/5


I'm gonna rate your maps, so I'm just going to put down the rating I gave it in comments henceforth.
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Thats a shame =P

wow lol

amazing demo... but no fbf isnt allowed... sry :)

If FbF is allowed

I whooped my booty
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Bit faster

I had a 787 but I missed the exit switch x.X
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Demo Data


yea i guess ur right
I play a map to enjoy.. and plus even if I was to get an all gold I would use that route.. people would then watch.. people would then beat me =]


i like this one just as much if not more than your previous mine puzzle
but if i were you... i wouldve kept that to myself until the deadline lol
this is an actually pretty fun mine jumper. Most end up pretty long and boring.
3.5 good job

Small levels,

whether it's an action or puzzle, are usually fun. This one is very good. Plus mine jumpers are my favorite kind of levels. 5/5.
But I think this is the fastest way to do the first bit =]
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