Triple Threat

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Author dejablue4
Tags author:dejablue4 playable race unrated
Created 2006-07-20
Last Modified 2006-07-20
Rating 5 more votes required for a rating.
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Description ok... so first of all this is dedicated to MaximumRide for posting the fastest AGD completion on 'Unfortunately Infamous' ... glad you played and enjoyed that map

This is not the usualy 'race'... actually you could choose not to do the race part and go to the action (top part)... the whole point of this map is for you to choose which type of map you want to play... start by hitting the left launchpad (two gold pieces in front of it) if you want to play the race with '2' and '3' tiles... just fall straight down (one gold piece) if you want to play a 'scattered' race... and hold right for a couple seconds and you will be taken to the upper level for a rocket dodging map... hope everything works out in this map... i worked for a while on this map... please rate, comment, post demos, and of course enjoyy!

This is my second submission to the two-side contest

Again, no straight out ded for this map... but i will definitly seriously consider an all gold and by all gold i mean every piece of gold in one demo... :) good luck

And if you have any questions just ask... will post a demo of any or all three if asked for... thanx and enjoyy!

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sweet map

i like the way you did what you did. 4.5

speed demo

on the action part ill look at ur other maps and do the other 2 demos l8r
Demo Data
Demo Data


different but very good.

um well

then you can go above 3000 frames and just post it in the comment area... it works then


I don't think i will be able in 3k frames (if that's the max it can input)

heres a fast AGD

for the action part at the top
Demo Data


good job on all gold for all three parts... but when i said id consider making a ded for all gold... i meant all gold in one demo... that's a challenge :)


alone these maps wouldve kinda sucked

but since you blended them so nicely you get a good rating from me


there. AGD on all three parts. 5/5

heres a demo

for the 2 and 3 tile race part- it was great. I like how you gave everyone a choice on what they prefered to complete 5/5 and faved
Demo Data


More then AGD on the sharpnel part
Demo Data

Wasn't easy

I finnaly got an AGD on the actionish
Demo Data


Also 4.5/5...wait, can't vote two times...
Demo Data

Wow, First way

Like it, 4.5/5
Demo Data



Double threated

I tried the med diff. Turned out good :)
Demo Data