Mother Thumping Impossible

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Author blue_tetris
Tags author:blue_tetris bitesized featured forever his is rated the v1.3c
Created 2005-01-22
Last Modified 2010-02-22
by 270 people.
Map Data

Description Careful jumping and timing is necessary to manage your way through this mine- and thwump-filled catacomb. I hope it's fun and challenging.
Rate it, and comment on how you like it/don't like it.

This map was featured on 2011-08-19

It's about time! Behold, Mother Thwumping Impossible. This map has done more for the shaping of mapmaking than most authors accomplish in their entire career. No mean feat for blue_tetris, though; he was a pioneer of the highest order.
Like all epics, MTI is retro-fitted to be difficult. Precision features heavily. One thing that you may not notice is the gold placement, which is wonderfully old-school. This stuff was revolutionary.
Barebones aside, MTI, and more importantly, blue_tetris, acted as a seed for all mappers who came after to build upon and grow. I have definitely been inspired by him. — flagmyidol

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i remember

when i got up to this level in ngame i was stuck on it for 2 days, still, this is magnificently made and has got to be one of the most memorable maps ever made. 5/5

N V1.4

Level 88-4

No offence blue_tetris but this one is too hard and by saying this i will not complete N because of this map. It is magnificently done but a little too much...


I have been working for two days. I come on now and see all of this hullabaloo. flag, I love you forever and ever. Also, have my man-babies.

Loved the review and map. And I agree that you shouldn't review authors because they are new and need "encouragement". A feature is much sweeter when it's deserved.

Raif's demo is sick.

yeah gaiz

I liek beat dis map on mah first trie at eet. I meanz itz wuz kinduh hardz but liek n0t reely.

Mount Doom is next.
This map took me about six days to beat. Mount Doom took me six months.
It's the end of the second-to-last episode I have to complete. The gateway into victory is barbed with mines, and now it's taunting me.

I just realized.

The review says "Mother Thwumping Impossible." It's Mother Thumping Impossible."

Happy, kiaora? :p

That last bit

referred to my featured map. Sorry. I'll stop now.

Bad gold placement, off center, boring, linear, etc. :/

Yes Ethel

I mean look at my featured map, it sucks!

Egypt lasted a long time.
But it's my opinion. I am also very aware I may be on the list of the diluters, I'm not trying to come of as superior or anything, this is coming from a players' and community members' view as opposed to an authors.
But lately people get featured for the sake of expanding the community of featured authors in order to dissolver the notion that only featured authors got attention and thus only their maps were reviewed. I mean the reviewers had good intentions but the average quality of a featured map has clearly taken a hit.
they'll get featured.

You don't deserve to be featured just because you're here, or you're friends with people here, or you've been here a long time. You need to earn it.

So earn it.


... from the 100000-160000 era. Those were what I believe to be the golden era of mapping.

But yeah, Mother Fucking Impossible is pretty sexually gratifying. Thank you Dave.

Cool map!


silly numa.

it's such a strange world when maps are featured that definitely deserve to be, but shouldn't be. i honestly don't know who to agree with, i don't have a stance on this yet. and i'll end with this is one of the best maps ever made.



I love N/Numa

...just wanted to say that

Zoas, there is something to be said for a historical feature once in a while; there is more to NUMA than just the here and now. It will only be a wave of historical features if a handful of reviewers decide to "prove their point". Ironically, the only thing they would truly demonstrate fault in is their own actions.
Is because of the review. we all knew this map existed

I enjoyed the review hahaha


All these years the Order has been conspiring to keep Afternoon Dragon Step 04 off the front page, but your hip new wave of retro worship will inevitably bring about the tragedy of Squibbles hopping on the bandwagon and ruining the plans of the Order. You are the Egypt to our North Africa/Middle East/United Kingdom. Thanks bro.

Why do you make maps? []
when I know how to program games, my first game would be a platformer, as a tribute to N, and I believe mapping in this community with many geniuses here could help me a lot on the creativity. So it's actually NUMA who would be taking credit lol.

and I mean also

I like mapping, I enjoy making maps, and be Featured or not, I WILL CONTINUE DOING GOOD MAPS!
I don't believe that this map should have been featured. It already stood out enough, and featuring it was unneccessary.
because if the community (administrators, moderators, users in general) do not want NUMA die, and that the mapping is still interesting, fresh/cool, innovative, generous and good as ever was, I think Njitsu has a point when he says that it is desirable motivate and encourage mappers that are active.
Not to suffer a wave of Featured Maps that are already known to all.
Simply this.
because it means that it is more likely that your maps will be featured.

this map

caused me hours of agony. I went through 3 different keyboards after mashing them with my forehead repeatedly. My neighbors called the police for disturbing the peace with my primoridial screams. In no way was this map enjoyable, relaxing, or gratifying. My life would have been significantly better had this wretched creation never defiled the database on NUMA.

So basically, a 5/5.

agree'd Njitsu
i feel like it's a waste of space

if you want to encourage people to keep mapping, feature some recent ones! (i.e. in the last month or two!)