Genetically Engineered

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Author wcvandal
Tags action author:wcvandal playable rated
Created 2006-01-24
by 14 people.
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Description I know i supposed to be gone but my resolve has weakend already and besides, this is an old map thats been lying around. play, comment, enjoy

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my best demo, i think
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How about hes just a recconized name on NUMA, and is quite good at map making, so when veterans at NUMA see wcvandal they check it out, also the tileset catches peoples eye. So don't assume things like that its just not in good taste.

@wcvandal: I really like it, 4.5

are you suggesting

that im multi accounting in order to push my map to the top? The answer to your so bluntly put acusation is that the maps around me have no votes because they aren't very good. If you can't deal with my map getting rated well before other people's them i suggest that you rate theirs instead of critisizing mine. Oh and by the way, they have moderators and IP address tracking to make sure that people do not take advantage of the rating system.


To be honest, I think the rating was genuine.
In my opinion, though, this map is definitely not worthy of a 5. 3.5/5 from me.

Engineered hrm?

Sounds like what your rating is.

5/5 before the other maps around your submission time even have a single rating.

Maybe I'm wrong, it just seems awfully suspicious that you have 5 raters, who all gave you a 5, in around 5 minutes of the map submission.


i really like these tiles and i think that they work well here

It is good.

5/5 and +faved. I like this map a lot. Original tileset? I seem to just be lost in all of the tilted and inverted square tilesets, it's hard to distinguish...