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Author thereisaspoon
Tags author:thereisaspoon puzzle unrated
Created 2020-12-01
Last Modified 2020-12-01
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Description Puzzle map.

I'm pretty sure its not cheatable, though arctic_pony and others have proved me wrong in the past.

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first demo i've submitted in many years! but wow am i rusty.

wasn't able to cheat your mechanic, i've got a couple ideas but no luck so far. this is a great map on multiple levels, nicely done.
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Really cool to see a unique no-turning-back mechanic after all these years of maps! Took about 3 tries before I realized I was being bamboozled.
If not, join it and PM me there! I'll share all Baraba's maps I have.


that's the map thanks arctic. I thought I was copying the one-way set up but I like mine better huehuehue Though I seriously doubt it hasn't been done before.
be this one? [] it's a map that always stuck with me.

now on to yours. i wish i could play it because i love this sort of concept, the puzzle as a distraction to the real solution. it's something i explored in a couple of my old maps.

as to whether or not it's "cheatable" you'll have to give me some time until i get a new computer, which should be soon. i haven't played in years but the urge to play has been stong lately!


Thanks Hindi! I'm glad it stumped you, while making them you never know if others will be fooled or not. This is inspired by an old an old map that uses these two-way, one time only, paths. It uses an obscure and difficult 8 tile one-way glitch and I've often thought about making a map like it. I have been trying to find it but can't. There are 239577+ maps on numa and its hard to troll through it all haha

By the way,

I really liked the overall look of the map and found the two-way path restriction mechanism very ingenious. It's a foolproof, compact, versatile and elegant way to allow for only-once both-ways traversal. I know the same mechanics can be achieved with other methods (floor guards, thwumps, mines, teleport, tile arrangement, etc), but they are usually either considerably bulkier, deadlier or more cheatable.


Ok, so after (more than just) a couple of attempts, and also a meticulous drawing of the oriented graph of the bottom section paths, I realized it was impossible to get all four switches.

But instead of arriving to the obvious conclusion that two of them were not actually necessary, I thought to myself "mmm, why would thereisaspoon explicitly state the map was not cheatable? Could it mean, perhaps, that eventual exploits we could find were actually intended"? So I spent another one too many attempts unsuccessfully trying to glitch through oneway platforms.

I tried another couple of things, but eventually gave up and watched the demo. Boy, do I feel silly now, hahaha!


Solution demo.
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