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Author thereisaspoon
Tags author:thereisaspoon fingersonthefrets jumper rated wanderlust
Created 2020-05-19
Last Modified 2020-05-19
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Wanderlust continuation.
2020 mapping.

How many of us are left here?

DED to fingersonthefrets

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Happy to know that maps been seen a little more, it was one I started quickly and then got kind of trapped fine-tuning for ages due to the nature of the thwump stuff. Felt funny to work on it lots knowing it probs wasn't gonna get played much hahah. Appreciate it x
this is too difficult for me but it looks pretty


the difficulty felt really well balanced. No massive spikes, just a lot of moderate difficulty jumps.
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The map looks great, keen to play it but nreality (and I think reg N) has stopped working on my computer after I updated the OS :(

Have occasional access to another computer with an older OS, though last I checked couldn't get nreality to work on that either. Tried to find a download of N1.4, but seems metanet only have 2.0 downloadable. hmm

Anyway, hope to get to play the map soon! For now, fav'd for later


I ran out of time trying to get to the exit. Fun jumper
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Nice jumper puzzle. The gold in the middle there is deceptively hard to get.


Hope this finds you all well.
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