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Author thereisaspoon
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Created 2020-11-10
Last Modified 2020-11-10
by 9 people.
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Description Thought I would get to 400 maps before NUMA died completly. looks like things are finally coming to a close for this community, at least through nmaps. Ive been here off and on for 11 years, there are others who still lurk who have been around even longer. from I AM A HERON I HAVE A LONG NECK, to that cactus avatar guy, Formica's crazy miner, the Nreality revolution. astheoceanblue, amomentlikethis, ZTHING, sunset, golfkid, aerodynamic, ferox, lsundy, ultimatereading, Kaylab, and fingersonthefrets, thanks for the good memories yall.

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Dormant. Comatose. Turning to stone like Buddha in meditation. But never dead. ps come say hi on the discord :)


Those tiles are really something, and the layout and minimal gold just looks great.


really well built

tricky for me. I can do it in stages, still working on a full completion.

Yeah the community is big in the Discord and the activity in terms of playing, highscoring, mapping, speedrunning, and side projects, is significant. The Discord has taken over the forums, NUMA, IRC, and everything else. Most members are probably new but also most old active members are there and there are many interesting projects going on.

Drop by the Discord

Even if you don't play N++, the NUMA crowd hangs out in #nreality.

oh misread

better get to 400 to make me look like less of an idiot >:| hahah


maybe i will post maps till 400 then. i dont really like n++ but if the community is mostly there i may cross over. Keep chuggin NUMA
I hope NUMA will be around for some time, chill map m8


Given it a crack each day for the past ~4 days. Got there though, AGD.

Really well constructed jumper as usual. Pretty tricky but steady difficulty.

Congrats on 400! I think it'll take the site going down to completely kill NUMA haha. We'll see though.
Demo Data
and some more from my other pack
and I'm sure I'll make some more as long as I can run 1.4

i lurk every once in while. sometimes a burst of activity from some old-timers will give me the itch to play again.

for such a tiny community, there really were so many talented and creative people here during the golden age (i arrived right at the tail end), and even years after. it's remarkable when i think about it.

lost said it

this place will persist, i'm sure.

This looks great, but I'm awful at climbing challenges.
I think maybe the undead corpse of NUMA will writhe forever