Green Valentine (edit)

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Author krusch
Tags action author:krusch edit unrated
Created 2014-12-04
Last Modified 2014-12-04
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Description Just a rework of an old map. This is a bit better, I think. Still not A+.

Edit: edited.

Edit 2: edited again.

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at first, I thought the drone pathing was a bit sketchy; however, I grew to like it as I managed to get a good run.
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there really should be something to notify you of like author comments on maps you commented on or something


best news all day/making me regret i haven't checked this place in like three months
Although the bottom part was... odd.
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but still enjoyable. It's certainly not missing a cool bounceblock pyramid

slowish agd
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Partial demo.

The last room is hard. Don't hesitate like I did.
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