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Author krusch
Tags author:krusch playable unrated
Created 2013-01-08
Last Modified 2013-01-08
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Description (2013 edit)

I booted up an old PC. I pulled out several .txt files. Here is a minor edit of one of the multitude of unreleased maps therein.

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Thanks. :)


like the laser drone room :)


Nice map!
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but screw all that gold. I don't do well around mines.
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what about... the ultimate krusch kollection?
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Then, I'm totally sure there are pretty awesome maps, I hope to see them. ;)

I hope so.

Besides, the maps weren't so much "lost" as they were neglected: I have known they were there for the past couple of years.

Have an exciting all-gold demo.
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oh fine,

then I expect that they are at least better plans.. :P

Thanks for the suggestion. I have other plans.

Kinda flukey completion here.
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Woohoo krusch!

If you have a multitude of unpublished maps, I suggest you compile all of them in a pack something like The Unreleased krusch or lost krusch in Forums. Would be an awesome idea man! After then you can edit the ones you like for NUMA like this one.. ;)