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Author krusch
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Created 2014-12-03
Last Modified 2014-12-17
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Description I am a yogurt addict. I eat 4+ 400g cups per day. I treat it as a main meal. Yogurt has never been a thing in my family, although it is widely known and eaten in my country (Bulgaria) as kiselo mlyako.

When I eat a cup, I can not get enough and feel the need of eating another one. Never satisfied. It may be healthy, but not in this amount. I love yogurt. It is one of my favouritest things ever. I am not addicted in a good way. It has been like this for the past year and a half and I have not really treated it as a problem before. It's perfectly normal for me not to eat anything but yogurt for a day and not feel the need for anything else. I do not LIKE anything else. But fact is - I am perfectly healthy. I go climbing 2-3 times a week. I jog every morning. I have no health conditions.

I know I need to stop or reduce it. But I am addicted and I have faced it.

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i did it all

for the yogurt
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I like it.

Easier than it looked from the thumbnail, though some of the gold is a true bitch to get. 5aved.

You know what daddy likes


I cum in your yogurt; that's why you can't get enough ;)

pretty good...

I don't really like the (almost) unattainable gold in the middle, though.


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Demo Data

I take that back. It's special to me, it's just nothing special. ;)

Slow AGD.

This map has been around forever and it's nothing special to me anymore, but it looks cool so I submitted it. B)
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