acid roach

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Author krusch
Tags author:krusch rated thwumps
Created 2014-11-12
Last Modified 2014-11-12
by 14 people.
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Description Nothing too serious.

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Cheers, bigears.

I'm a little stifled by my own mapping idiosyncrasies sometimes, and in this case I wanted to put a thwump on every vertical or horizontal tile (discounting the map walls) that was opposite another vertical or horizontal tile (including the map walls), and nowhere else. Something about square thwumps hitting angled tiles irks me.

I disagree that they're ineffective though. Sure, you only interact with a few enemies if you're optimizing your route, but that's true for most maps. I was happy with the variety of thwump play here, considering that I was following a pattern.

Thanks for your feedback!

Pretty good

Thwump placement could be a bit improved. The majority of the thwumps were ineffective.

cool to speedrun!

lots of paths to follow. :D
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they fun tiles

Very relaxed

I really like jumping around the tiles.


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haven't looked at the other demos, this is the best AGD route i can find
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kind of boring to speedrun
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agd-1 :(
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Nice clean run!


This is fresh

nice change of enemy style good combo with the floor guards and thwumps. gold placement was mint

Sub 1000 AGD

I figured this route on my own btw. I looked at your demo after I posted my first comment.
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I really like this map. It's fun figuring best highscore route.
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All gold.

I quite like this route.
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Well, nearly.
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