I Only Move for U

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Author krusch
Tags author:krusch featured playable rated
Created 2013-01-02
Last Modified 2013-01-02
by 12 people.
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Description Simple jumper action with drones. Just for the sake of filling out a tileset based on a 12" cover that I saw recently. Bonus points of course to anyone who recognises it.

This map was featured on 2013-06-09

Lately, krusch has ditched his subversive avant-garde style for a more refined, yet equally as funky style. “I Only Move For U” harks back to krusch’s earliest map-making days about 7 years ago – and despite the fact that these days, his maps are fewer and far between, one can’t help but admire krusch’s longevity and his ability to keep releasing such engaging works of art. P.S. if you beat my highscore run I’ll lose my shit! — ska

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i loved it when you submitted it. very smart design, very good use of the tileset, and very good drone paths

Collaboration? if you make it back anytime soon (soon is a lenient term)

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I like this map

That's pretty much all that's left to say
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try after try, today... quickly got it.
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Consider my shit... lost!


first try. also I agree with arti
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I find it amusing as ska advertises its own impressive runs in some of his reviews, he already did a couple of times. It's nice, I guess.


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Really nice demo!!!


probably my best run on one of your maps.
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Thanks for making maps.


The gravity in this map felt different
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