A Little Something

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Author UndeadPie
Tags author:undeadpie gold rated remake short
Created 2014-10-30
Last Modified 2014-10-30
by 5 people.
Map Data

Description Remake of rectangle revenge by runningninja

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Tiles are well nice! love the enemy choice, thought it was most appropriate for the map
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Demo Data

sub-700 AGD, incorporating UndeadPie's trick at the start
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carbon copy of mohit's run, minus one frame by pure luck :D
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and here's mine
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Nice runs guys

Glad you like it :) And you're right that it's easy, I kinda like these maps where time is enemy.. Here's my AGD :)
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Sorry, forgot demo
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I like this map, it's quite easy, but good looking and fun.

nice map!

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cool looking map, pretty easy gameplay
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